ice cream cake balls

There are fewer things greater in life than an ice cream cake. The sheer delight of having ice cream and cake all in one, delicious package, is almost too good to be true. In addition to loving a good 'ole ice cream cake, I can't resist an adorable little cake ball. So, I got to thinking. Is there such a thing as an ice cream cake cake ball??? I googled it and nothing came up really, so I decided that I would have to create such a treat. Today, my friends, I may have just made cake ball history. After spending all day working on these little guys, (don't worry mom I went to my class) I turned my dream into a reality. Ice cream + cake ball = Ice cream cake ball. Holy delicious. AND surprisingly not as hard as I imagined they would be. Also, just a little side note, after stalking my current blog crush Sweetapolita for many, many hours and I wishing I could be as cool as her, I decided that I need to step it up big time in the picture category. I'm no Peter Parker, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?

I normally resent the use of box cake mixes but because Bakerella suggests it for making cake balls, I always use boxed cake and frosting for making them. I mean, after all, she did invent the delicious treats so I'm thinking she knows what's up. If you want a more detailed list of how to make cake balls, click on the link above. Actually just click on the link anyways, she is a genius and you must check it out. But, basically cake balls (or cake pops) are made by crumbling up a baked cake and stirring in frosting to get a soft, moist, gooey affect. Then they are coated in candy melts.  There really is nothing quite like it. So, for starters I made and chocolate and yellow cake ball batter mix.

I wasn't really sure how to go about balling up the ice cream and making it workable. It didn't help that my mini-fridge freezer is the same temperature as the fridge itself, so when I pulled the ice cream out this morning it was completely melted. So, what I ended up doing (after I refroze the ice cream) was plopping little dollops of ice cream on to a lined cook sheet. The ice cream wasn't quite frozen all the way yet and I did this so that it would freeze faster. But, for those of you who don't live in a cramped dorm with a tiny fridge and have normal freezer status, I recommend wearing rubbing gloves, scooping out the ice cream with a spoon or cookie dough baller and then rolling it in your hands into a ball as quickly as you can. This is what I ended up doing and it worked way better.

After balling up the ice cream, let the balls firm up in the freezer, this took about 30 minutes for me. When they are firm enough to handle without melting in your hands instantly, wrap the ice cream with cake. If any of you have ever made scotch eggs before, this is kind of a similar method. Working quickly, cover the ice cream with cake (it doesn't have to be perfect). Then roll the covered ball in your hands to make it round. But the ball in the freezer right away.

Let the ice cream cake balls freeze until firm, about another 30 minutes.

Once the balls are firm enough to work with, you can begin to coat. Again, work as quickly as possible and coat the balls with candy coating. I coated mine with yellow melts, added a dollop of chocolate, sprinkles, and a maraschino cherry on top. It wasn't until today that I have every used cherries as a garnish, probably because I'm not huge on the taste. But, I am obsessed with the cute, old fashioned look that they add. I love it!

Me and my lovely friend Marina...who also doubled as my assistant for part of the day.

I just wanted to take a minute and make a tribute to my Dansko's. These bad boys are one of the best purchases I have ever made. All of my friends say I look like a gardner or a doctor. But these are the shoes of a baker! and if you want to be the part, you have to look the part. I heart my Dansko's. :) haha

ICE CREAM CAKE BALLS!! ENJOY! and someone PLEASE comment! :) Thanks! Have a lovely week!

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