convection perfection?

Hello all! Over the weekend I started in on a large cupcake project and decided to test out a curious itch I had: convection oven setting compared to conventional. I have always just done a standard "bake" setting and haven't experimented much with other settings, but since I have always heard such great things about convection baking I figured I would give it a shot and was quite surprised by my findings...

For starters, what is convection baking?
Convection baking simply means that the fans in the oven circulate the air while baking. As a result, convection baking bakes foods much more quickly which is supposed to be good for cakes, breads, etc. due to the fact that it leaves moisture in them. Most modern ovens have a convection setting and the baking is done at 25 degrees less than the original required temperature. When using convection, foods have to be kept a close eye on because they do cook much faster.

Since this is what I heard of convection baking in my research, I decided that I should give it a whirl. I don't know if it was what I was baking or if I did something wrong, but my results weren't desirable. I tried several times to bake one dozen cupcakes at a time on the convection setting. I experimented with how much batter was in the cups, how long the cupcakes baked for, and I always came out with either an uncooked middle or an overcooked, crusty top. Quite frustrating because I had to throw several batches in the trash.

Using the same recipe (I was baking the Old Fashion Cupcakes) I used conventional bake and the cupcakes came out just how they were supposed to. My conclusion = convention baking does not deliver the desired result for cupcakes.

Even though, these were my results I read on many review forums that convection baking was "all that." Some people even said that there is no way they could ever use conventional again. So it is possible that I was the blunderer on this particular experiment. Try it for yourself!

Happy Monday!

<3, The Sweet Petite

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