Big Dreams and a Winnebago.

{The 'Bago}

The legend of the Winnebago lives on ladies and gentlemen...The Sweet Whip (that's what I plan to call this groovy soon-to-be bakery on wheels) is happening...eventually. My dad bought this fixer-upper (and that's a euphemism) from my brother's friend a few years back and when he told me that I could turn it in to a fun-time-food-truck I was thrilled. This summer will hopefully bring the revamping of this beauty to it's former glory days. 

Here are some things that are inspiring me...

{Seattle Met Food Trucks. Pages of the best curbside eats in Seattle}

{These kids be screamin'. Everyone loves sweets on wheels -- Image via we heart it}

{Colors (Molly Moon's Ice Cream) -- Image via}

{Seating -- Image via we heart it}

{Fun colors -- Image via Pinterest}

{Fun logo and windows -- Image Via}

{Chalkboard menu -- Image via we heart it}

{Love the simple logo -- Image via}

What's your fun-time-food-truck dream?

<3, The Sweet Petite

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