for my mother

{This is Pam (and me) and this is her day}

Happy Mother's Day to the most important woman in my life! This little lady does everything for me and I couldn't be more grateful. Here are 10 things that I love about my Pammy.

1. The way she talks to herself in the kitchen. "Did I start the dishwasher?...Oh yes, okay good." 

2. How she does chores...or as I like to call them "Pam jobs." She walks around the yard with the lawn mower running, pulls some weeds here and waters some plants there. Then she heads inside (lawn mower still running) and wipes off the counter tops, checks to see if she has any texts, and then loads the dishwasher. Then it's back outside to mow the lawn and start the whole thing all over again. Random, yet somehow incredibly productive.

3. Her style. She is one of the only people I would trust to buy clothes for me.

4. Her ability to try to see the good in people before the bad. 

5. The way she takes stay-at-home-mom to a whole different level of work.

6. The fact that I can tell her the most mundane details of my life and she manages to sound not only interested, but genuinely excited. It's always nice to have someone to tell those things to that no one else cares about. "Yeah, so I found this recipe for ______" "Oh! Doesn't that sound good!? Are you gonna make it?" Thank God for my mom or my boyfriend would know way too much (and he already gets an earful)  about the measuring spoons I want or the new brand of baking soda I'm trying out. 

7. How she talks when she gets flustered when my sister and I are making a mess in the kitchen. "Girls, it's great you wanna do all this but can ya clean up as you go?!" This particular quote is one that my sister and I have coined as classic Pam, and I have gotten pretty good at the impersonation. 

8. How much she loves her precious house on the lake. I wish I was that excited about anything in life, and trust me, I'm a pretty excitable person. 

9. Her cooking.--So. Good. 

10. Her inherent motherly characteristics that are pure and comforting, that I recognize in myself. She is the most giving person and asks nothing in return. When I say that I hope to be just like her when I grow up, I mean it. Happy mother's day mom, you embody everything that this day represents. I love you!

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  1. Oh thank you for the nice words Jenna! I am quite a multi-tasker when mowing the lawn huh!?I
    I am a lucky mother to have you for a daughter. I love you and miss you. Mom


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