The last few weeks have been busy between my mom visiting, a memorial weekend wedding (more details to come!) and finals (lame) I haven't really had time to bake much. Also, my kitchen aid was taken from me against my will and is now sitting in a spare room in my parents house until I return to rescue it. However, with my freshman quarter coming to an end this week I will be back to baking in a real kitchen. I cannot wait to be home for the summer and complete all of these summer tasks..

-Branding myself with these adorable business cards made my talented graphic designer (and sister-in-law) AK Graphics- and trying to learn how the hell to use technology that is way beyond my understanding so that I can start the new website of Sweet Petite. 

-Getting to work on what fingers crossed is not a lost cause: the one and only Winnebago (or as I like to call it, The Sweet Whip! For those of you who weren't aware, as many of those close to me were not, a "whip" is a slang term for a car,vehicle, or any other kind of automobile that transports you. No I'm not trying to attract an unusual and perverted customer base -- also something those close to me thought.)

-Becoming an aunt to a little love bug named Harper. (Ifong Chen Photography)

-Hanging out with this loser...just kidding, he's alright. I guess. 

Learning how to cook something other than foods that will give me diabetes. 

-Crafty time with my best friend/ trying to figure out the decor of the my very first apartment...with these ladies.

-...and baking...obviously!


<3, The Sweet Petite

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