Ombre Nails

Let us talk for a minute about "blog presence." Am I the only one who feel cheesy, embarrassingly excited, or cringes at the thought of certain people I know reading certain things I write? Maybe this is because I am self conscience about my blog personality and my actual personality and how the two come together into a seemingly weird version of myself. Are most blogger's internet personalities the same as their real-life personality? I feel like unless you are a super excited/exciting person in real life, you blogger personality is you with a few more exclamation points and a couple extra smiley faces. However, an insecure blogger does make for a boring a one so let's see if I can bring more of myself to this blog shall we? (!!!!!! :) :) :) ) 

As my first venture outside of the baking world on this page, I chose to share one of my truly girly loves: nail polish. The ombre manicure is cute and different without looking too much like a five year old whose mom let them dig into the polish. Make sure the colors are subtle enough so that it doesn't look too mismatched and just different enough for it to be noticeable, are typing this I realize I am making it sound incredibly complicated (I take nails too seriously) to pick these colors out but it's not. Cute, ay? 

{Please excuse my slight mess ups around the edges, but I was doing this to avoid a homework assignment so fixing my mistakes seemed like way to much of an insult to the online class tuition fee.}

{Do you know how difficult it is to take pictures of your hands at a flattering angle? I have little chubbers for fingers and as you know, the camera adds ten pounds.}

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