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I read blogs each morning like most read the newspaper. I do a check of the new posts on my favorites and then sometimes, when I'm really lucky, I'll stumble across a stroke of genius on Pinterest. I used to be only concerned with reading baking blogs but I have fallen in love with blogs that post about the random, insignificant and yet highly important things in life. That's what I'm trying to do here on my blog but my graphic design skills are limited to Word, Picasa, and Lightroom so you can see why I may remain as a blog that only my friends (okay friend....hey, Adi) read.

Sugar and Cloth is filled with tons of diy's and other randomness that I love such as food and featured shops. I found this particular blog via Pinterest and am loving following the new posts each day. 

The Everygirl. I don't know if you would count this as a blog, more of a website I suppose but if you have yet to check out this site it's a must. It has everything a girl could want. I love the career features on women entrepreneurs. 

Design Love Fest.  Okay, this is obviously the golden child of blogging and I'm pretty sure this doesn't even need to be listed as a favorite because it's a pretty obvious choice. But, it's fabulous. 

Sweetapolita, the baking blogger favorite, started it all for me. I am obsessed with her photography and desserts that are perfect every time. Plus, she's Canadian, so that's cool. 

 Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Another obvious one, but it's just a fun, easy read that I look forward to each morning. 

...and while I'm promoting my faves I ought to promote my friend Mackenzie's blog that is soon to be solid hit. I love her taste in design and graphics, so I can't wait to see what she comes up with.  

I follow the blogs that I love the most on Instagram as well. Most bloggers are also aware of simple photography skills, so the Insta pictures are always high quality and well thought out. Much better than Kim and Kourt Kardash's poor lighting and weird editing, mind you. (Kylie Jenner though, you go girl! your Instagram is top notch. Far too many selfies, but high picture quality for surezies.)

What are your favorite blogs? Let me know 'cause I'm always lookin' for a good read. 

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