Hey, Kate.

Hey, Kate- doppelganger? If you ever wanna have a Lizzie McGuire/Monte Carlo type rendezvous, you let me know.  

My friends told me I looked like Kate Middleton, who also happens to be my girl crush of the moment. It was probably the biggest compliment I have ever received and someone once told me I was hotter than Megan Foxx. Jokes! But seriously, I had Princess Diana paper dolls as a child and I was pretty smitten with the whole princess idea. Watching The Prince and Me in my tweens confirmed said interest, and now this?! What, a great day. To be honest I don't see how I look like her, but I'll take it! I love Kate's classy attitude and with her recent topless scandal all over the news, I'm even more impressed with her poise. She's one elegant bitch. I'm going to be her for Halloween to really set this resemblance off. It's gonna be great. 

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