I've been in Seattle for the last few days with Brad celebrating the last few moments of summer. By celebrating I mean painting Brad's tiny room and spending the day at some random cafe by myself because he has training (note to self--when it comes time to paint your own house in the far future, hire professionals. Turns out I hate painting.)

It's the first day of gloom here in Seattle after four really days of really awesome weather and even though I'm excited for fall, the first not-so-nice day is always a wake up call. This summer was weird in that it flew by but drug on, never in my life have I felt like I had enough summer and it was refreshing. 

Here are the highlights...

{Bellingham Bay -- a perfect welcome back}

{My ADORABLE niece}

{Getting the Etsy Shop set up and selling THREE WHOLE ORDERS!!! Woot Woot! Check it out!!}

{Cupcake and other dessert orders for fun clients}

{Enjoying the Palouse at it's best}

Happy end of summer and beginning of fall...it's a celebration bitches.

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