love this, hate that.

Love this: Stance sock monkey-ish socks. So awesome.
Hate that: I went to order my textbooks for this quarter, grand total? $543.79. Oh, and the best part? None of them are available for rent.

Love this: My new striped shirt.

Hate that: When you can't afford to buy everything in Madewell.

Love this: The best biscuits and gravy I've ever experienced at Nook in Seattle. And returning to my love, Mod Pizza. 

Hate that: Paying for sub-par meals. Including a not-so-great order of pad tai and a soup and salad combo with much-too-sweet candied pecans. 

Love this: Getting ready for back-to-school with new school supplies. The moleskin 18 month planner is a revelation. 

Hate that: Realizing that I have to go to class, do homework, and take tests. 

Love this: Realizing your problems are insignificant and then feeling better about said problems.

Hate that: Realizing your problems are insignificant and still complaining about them.

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