articulations - i must admit...

...Slacking is fun. Once you have accepted yourself as a slacker, it puts a whole new spin on things. Finish off the second season of Parenthood instead of studying for my econ midterm? Don't mind if I do.

...The monkey emogis are the best ones and they look/act the most like me - sassy yet charming (wink, wink). Ha. Yeah right. But seriously, the monkeys are my fave.

...Selfies from the waist down (as seen above in the giant picture of my lower half) manage to be sort of artsy but also kind of weird when they are enlarged (once again, as seen above.)

...Sometimes I hate myself for listening to Taylor Swift and then talking mounds of shiboigen about her. I think it's called hypocrisy? This makes it incredibly embarrassing when you forget to turn Spotify to a private session...

...I feel as though the amount of crises that I encounter in terms of what I'm doing with my life (as far as completing college goes) are excessive and really annoying/worrisome for those close to me. I can't help it, okay?

...I'm trying to become a lipstick wearing type of person. And I'm embarrassed about it..but I'm doing it anyways. Speaking of which, when the hell did drugstore lipstick become so expensive? I was in market for a $2 kind of product and $8 was the best I could do?! But it will all be worth it when I have achieved lipstick-person-wearing status. Right?

Happy Tuesday from me to you. 
In the words of Lamar Odom's father: One love, stay young. 

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