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As you may have noticed, this blog is no longer called Sweet Petite. I felt that it was too conflicting to be linking my business to my personal life, so here we are! Grapefruit and Gold is my new place to document the things that inspire me, the things I just feel like posting about, and the things that you all are dying to know about me. ha. I'm so excited about this brand-spankin'-new page, what do you guys think?

You might be wonder why I'm calling this Grapefruit and Gold. Honestly, it literally just came to me. I've always liked the word grapefruit for some reason, it just seems fresh and crisp. And I love gold anything, so Grapefruit and Gold seemed like the natural choice.

You can still see what Sweet Petite is up to by visiting the website dedicated only to the business and as always, you can check Sweet Petite out on Facebook!

This new and improved blog will soon have a new and improved name. In a couple days I am going to change the name to: grapefruitandgold.blogspot.com so look for that if you try to search the current name and nothing comes up!

You can expect to see new (hopefully weekly) columns and the addition of a contributor!

Here's to next chapter of blogging!

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