I am so excited to introduce a contributor! My friend Mackenzie! I love her taste when it comes to everything design and can't wait to see what she brings to Grapefruit and Gold. Welcome, Kenz!

Hi, all! As Jenna said, I'm Mackenzie. I'm super excited to get the chance to start sharing some of the things that not only am I obsessing over each week, but also that inspire me daily. Ever since Jenna asked me to be a contributor, I've been racking my brain for the perfect first post...since I've had far too many fashion obsessions lately I knew it'd be easy, yet once I sat down to start writing my brain went straight to something else

I've been drooling and stalking her work since I stumbled across her blog last week! 
Drool worthy, right? As if I need reassurance...I'm completely head over heels in love, and not only with her work, with her as well. She's this cute, tiny little thing who does heavenly wood work. 
Need I say more? I am ridiculously inspired! I have already corned my dad into helping me make one of the headboards (eeek!) Check out her work, seriously, you'll be blown away. Also, check back next week for more of what I'm currently obsessing over, can't wait to share!

*I do not claim ownership to any of these photos--all from brooklyntowest.blogspot.com

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