Life has been good lately. I have been rejecting the idea of a normal school day, with my schedule having been tweaked so I only have two full days of class. This is seriously beginning to worry me that I may never be able to go to school five days a week ever again. Somehow when you only have class a couple days a week, it makes it harder to go....? So, I have been taking sometime for me this week. You know, cause two days of class is exhausting.

1. JUSTIN BIEBER. An insane mix of screaming teenagers (to be expected) and territorial moms (not so expected.) 

2. I left Wednesday night to spend some time in Seattle. I was on campus waiting for Brad to be done with class and snuck into some fancy-ass dorm. It has a Whole Foods Market attached to it. Because you know, every college student needs a Whole Foods in their dorm. 

3. Brad and I have watched 11 hours of Parenthood in the last 2 days. It hooks you! I'm mainly in it to watch Dax Shepard. 

4. When you skip school you get a surprising amount of school work done actually. All my homework for two classes is completed far before the deadline. Suck it, college. 

Happy weekend!

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