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I recently treated myself to a Kate Spade ring that I'm obsessed with. I was so excited when the package came in the mail and was even more thrilled when I opened it to find adorable patterned, neon pink tissue paper sealed with a gold sticker. Under the tissue paper was a small red and purple box complete with a bow and a signature Kate Spade pink and gold embossed card. I would have loved the ring if it came in an Altoids container, but the packaging did make it even better.

It's simple really: people like cute things. That's just it. Why else would we ooh and ahh over mini polka dot staplers or striped paper straws? It doesn't matter if it serves the same purpose as the standard, mundane product, it makes it better when it looks pretty.
With my Etsy Shop, I took this concept to heart. I have striped paper bags to match the colors of my business, personalized stationary, and I tie it all together with a ribbon. It shows that I care about the product I am selling and I like to think that it makes my customers just a little bit happier.

I found this adorable packing shop on Etsy that has tons of great products to make things look cute.

one - neon yellow paper shred to cushion items and add cute fill in a box that may be too big.
two - gift tags in a cute color.
three - thin, sparkly ribbon.
4 - gold doilies that have endless uses - around envelops, taped to boxes...
5 - chevron paper bags for more delicate items. fold them over and punch a hole for ribbon!
6. sparkly gold envelope seals.

Check out all of the items at INKKIT on Etsy -- the packaging and photo styling is great.

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