projects - a cheap girl's gallery wall

I love the gallery wall look. It's stylish, it's creative, it's everywhere. The gallery wall is an awesome way to add some character to your walls but it can be expensive. Frames alone can be $20 each and the backed matting is a pain in the ass. So, here's the cheap version of a gallery wall and how to do it.

#1- no frames? no problem!
You can still make your pictures pop on the wall by cutting paper to appear as a frame.

#2- Add some cute tape!
Hanging pictures with washi tape is trendy in design right now, but if you're like me you have nowhere to buy washi tape and don't feel like paying shipping for a $4.00 item. So just get out some regular old matte finish Scotch Tape, a Sharpie, and doodle away!

#3 - Pick your pictures wisely
On your gallery wall include pictures that you think are pretty, quotes that inspire you, or paper designs that you just plain like. I made all of the things on my way simply by cutting and gluing cutouts onto some of my favorite papers. You may want to mix up the patterns with the solids though, to avoid from being too busy.

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