You could say that I am an old soul. I'm not much for a wild night out and I am very content spending time in to work on my various business ventures. This aspect of myself is one that I am often criticized for. I definitely wouldn't say I'm a boring person, I just don't prefer to get cray, cha feel?
Anyways, I have decided that I am a very confusing person to figure out. This isn't intentional, it's just because I have a wide range of conflicting and contradicting view points. For example, catchy pop music is my thing. I am guilty of loving Justin Bieber (who I may or may not be seeing in concert tomorrow night...), any hit song from the early 2000's and obviously I think anything Akon touches is gold. This is something people often don't expect from me due to my consistent lectures about what "good" country is and my hatred for Taylor Swift (entertainer of the year, my ass.)
Another example: I love cheerleaders. Like pro/college cheerleaders that is. They are just so talented!! Which is weird because you would expect me to be someone who thinks cheerleaders are overly preppy and annoying, but I don't. In fact, I tried out for cheerleading for one day in high school. Judging by how I said "one day" you can probably guess that it didn't go well. But, I do know a great dance to "bust a move."

So what should be conclude from all of this? I could be on the Starbursts commercials, because I my friends, am a walking contraction. But also, don't judge a Jenna by her sarcasm and very opinionated opinions! I just might surprise you...like...does everyone love Nickelback as much as I do? Ha. Jokes! Nobody loves Nickelback...not even Nickelback. Unless you like Nickelback, then that's cool, I guess.

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