i hope you all had a super holiday weekend. let me now share some things...

1. i've decided not to use proper capitalization on this blog anymore. one, because i'm lazy. and two, because it's what bloggers do! don't ya know?

2. i have decided to try the whole don't wash your hair everyday or every other day, or every three days- no, wash it a couple times a week. my sister-in-law swears by it, as do many people with good hair. sounds gross and admittedly it kinda is. but it feels kinda awesome at the same time. except for right now as i write this post and it feels just really gross all of the sudden.

3. my booski and i dined on pf changs gift card this weekend and it was the highlight of...a lot of things? not because pf changs is magically delicious but because it was free, bitchessss.

4. i bought photoshop, finally. and i can already tell it is money well spent...because my sister's head looks hilarious on my brother's corgi's body.

5. the eggnog latte at starbucks is a game changer. in more than one way: it's delicious and also stupidly expensive.

6. i'm finally on tumblr. i know, i'm behind. however, my heart still belongs to pinterest.

7. i try to christmas shop and then find way to many things for myself. sorry sis, gonna have to keep the one i bought you this round.

well, that's it for me. and now, i must go wash my hair. right now.

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