articulations - progress?

as i mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, i finally splurged and bought adobe photoshop. and so far i am obsessed. i mean, i'm still very new to the whole thing and i'm learning slowly, but i can already tell the difference it is making. i had literally never touched the program in my life prior to purchasing and i just learned the other day that adding new "layers" is a beautiful thing. like i said, i'm slowly learning. but i thought it would interesting to share my progress. well, it might not be that interesting for you but it certainly make me feel better about myself. so let's take a little journey through time, shall we?

you can see my post for the blog revel here and my post for lusso bags here.

and in other random news:
today i found out that studying is in fact correlated with good test scores. who knew? and also, what a let down.

happy hump day to you! 


  1. OH MY! I want everything on this page! Mostly I want a bow belt for my fur vest now. That IS so cute!!! What a cute blog!!

    1. Thank you, Miki! I want a fur vest period!! The bow is too cute though, isn't it?


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