baking - cranberry bliss bars

 you're probably thinking to yourself, oh my god i love starbucks' cranberry bliss bars! and then that was probably followed by oh...those don't look as pretty as starbucks...it's okay friends, i'm aware that starbucks' dessert perfection is hard to beat. my bliss bars may not be perfect triangles but i'm only human, so what're ya gonna do? even though these don't look sculpted by the starbucks gods, they taste quite delicious. and don't worry i have the solution for you to make yours look just like the coffee shop's we all know and love. 

first, i stole this recipe from the girl who ate everything (her's are quite pretty.) follow her instructions, that's what i did (for the most part anyways..)

and here are my tips:
1. i didn't have a 9X13 pan which is why my bars are so thick (i used a square pan.) so if you want the thinner bar like the original, you'll want to use the larger pan. however, baking them in a square pan doesn't mean they taste any less delicious, you will just want to cut smaller triangles.

2. if you do decide to bake in a square pan, you will need to cook the bars longer (about 25-30 minutes total -- but don't overcook!)

3. adding the drizzled white chocolate will certainly make the bars more like the original and give them a pretty finish. you can also add some orange zest for a little zing.

but all in all, no matter how they look, they're gonna taste just as good right?

happy baking! now go save yourself some money and make these! one cranberry bliss bar is like, three dollars! insanity!

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