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Hello! My name is Mackenzie Yates, I am a nineteen year old girl from a tiny town in Washington, who recently started The Blog Revel. Jenna is a huge inspiration of mine, and I'm excited to not only contribute to her blog but also watch it grow! You'll find me here every Wednesday, so keep on comin' back!
Ten Random Facts
1. I watch a ridiculous amount of Gilmore Girls and often like to pretend they're real people
2. I enjoy staying in on Friday nights more then I should
3. Coffee is a huge necessity…numerous times a day preferably
4. I dream to work for myself when I grow up, and my ultimate goal is to open my own coffee shop
5. Puppies and dark chocolate are the keys to my heart
6. I can eat unheard of amounts of Goldfish or Cheese Its
7. I only have two volumes, loud and louder…it will get on your nerves at some point
8. It’s weird for me to not see my mom everyday
9. I own a nice camera and have absolutely no clue how to use it…yet!
10. I'm rarely only doing one thing at once...multi-tasking is one of my specialties

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