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christmas season is finally upon us! i hope you all had a great thanksgiving but it's time to suck in your food babies, take off those yoga pants, and get to christmas-ing! to start we will need some tunes. as you will see from the following music choices i have assembled for you, i have a very refined taste in music (it's one element of my secret identity as a tweenager? at least the first few choices anyways...) well nonetheless, these songs are my christmas favorites and never cease to put me in the spirit. enjoy, will ya?
1. last christmas -- the glee cast
2. merry christmas, happy holidays -- n'sync
3. have yourself a merry little christmas -- martina mcbride
4. all i want is you -- justin bieber
5. all i want for christmas is you -- mariah carey <--- duh!!!
6. i'm dreaming of a white christmas -- bing crosby 
7. mistletoe -- colbie calliat
8. baby it's cold outside -- dean martin and martina mcbride
9. you make me feel so young -- frank sinatra <--- counts right?
10. sleigh ride -- ella fitzgerald 

ps. i can't take credit for this idea, i took from here :)

happy christmas season!


  1. Great play list! I LOVE Glee!

    1. Thanks, girl! I'm glad someone shares my love for cheesy and catchy christmas music!


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