projects- feathered bobby pins

okay guys i've got a quick and easy project for ya. all you need is some bobby pins, small feathers, and hot glue (you could probably use another form of adhesive but hot glue is always my go to.) I picked up two packages of feathers at michael's for about three bucks each, you will have tons left over but there are many possibilites for feathers...

1. first you need to figure out what way you want the feathers to lay. if you want to pin your bangs back with the bobby you will want them to lay away from your face, if you want to place the pin in the top of a pony or bun, then it really doesn't matter which way they lay.

2. pick out your first feather and decide which side you will glue face up on the bobby.

3. place a small dot of hot glue onto a piece of scratch paper. 

4. while the glue is still hot (it dries quickly) carefully dab your feather's end in the glue. be careful to just get just a big enough amount to adhere the feather to the bobby.

5. Glue the feather on the bobby with the side you chose facing up. Repeat these steps for a second and smaller feather if you like, so that the bobby has two feathers.

6. TA-DA!

i am not so skilled at taking hair selfies (especially when my hair has been in a bun all day) so my apologies for somewhat blurry and sort of erie picture (where is my face?) but you get the point, yes? it's a fun and cheap way to liven up that ol' hair style folks! i'm also thinking of making a headband...hmmm..

happy crafting!

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