thanks for nothing, carrie. worst example ever.
alright, it's time for some sharing. i don't know about you but i spend more money than i need to. it adds up so quickly. so you log onto your online banking and see that you suddenly have suffered a large drop in your account. so naturally you assume this must be some kind of fraud, i have been scammed! robbed! thieved!  you get prepared to call the bank to inform them of this outrage. and then you decide to maybe just take a peek at your transaction history before. and boom. there it is. your six dollar purchase on campus of a pb & j and some yogurt covered raisins. that essie nail polish you just had to add to your already excessive collection. some coffees, some craft supplies, and some packs of gum. it's all there.

recently i had myself a little mini financial panic attack because i thought i had somehow gobbled up all of my savings from my hard-working server years. after some soothing and recalculation by my trusty financial consultant, my boyfriend, i was back on track but the scare was enough to really send me into a fit of panic. interesting that i'm the business major here, huh? 

so what do you do when you have a financial crisis on your hands? you go to craigslist and see if any jobs fit you. none of them do. so you browse the jobs on the student website. they all seem boring and un-fun. so you just say "you know what? i'm in college. i'm a student. i don't have to be employed." and then you say, "okay save your money, jenna." you do a pretty good job at this until you take a nice jaunt through the seattle u-village. money. gone. and thus, the cycle repeats itself.

however, i have decided that i really must get it together. i wouldn't call myself a frivolous spender but i am not a saver either. the more i read, the more i hear the same thing: save. your. money. i've decided - hey, that's not a bad idea. you could probably not buy small food items here and there or random little trinkits (man, i love trinkits.) so that's what i'm gonna do. or try to do at least. 
to help me, i am using these tools:

the app, mint. some of you have probably heard of it. it is linked to your bank account and categorizes your spending. you can set monthly budgets and see how you are doing as the month progresses.

and then we saved. a website that is very fiscally inspiring. they have great tips on how to save and include explanation on their trademarked phrase "spending fast" along with a "spending diet."

the everygirl finance tips. helpful blog posts to remind you why you should save.

this post via the everygirl. when i first read it i thought it made so much sense. a modern and practical view on finances.

i also downloaded these apps to hopefully score some extra cash:
poshmark- sell your clothes directly from your phone!
ibotta- earn money back on the products you buy.

the moral of the story? there are far more important things in life than clothes, gadgets, socks (yes, socks), and jewelry. even though when you walk into madewell it may not feel that way, there are. 

so i'm gonna save people. i'm gonna cut the carbs out of my finances and save that money for some super cool things in my super cool future. 

sorry for long winded-ness but i really just needed to get that off my chest, you know?

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