i know you're all probably tired of gifting posts these days. it seems i see about 15 everyday around the world wide web. but i love them, okay? they are fun and allow me to shop for others. my brothers and my dad are the worst to shop for, if i gave them a different power drill for christmas every year it would be the best day of their lives but do i know anything about power drills? you guess. 

this might be my last gifting post, but if i'm being honest, probably not. make merry, people!

for your mister:
one - a cool lookin' on the go phone charger
two - go pack!
three - stance socks
four - cute little calendar 
five - scooba suit for iphone

for your brother:
one- warm socks (my brother calls new, soft socks "juicy")
two- a cookbook for...all the cooking they aspire to do?
three - go cougs!
four - their brand

for your dad:
one- paper mache deer head
two - windmill wall decal for his office perhaps
three - ipod suction
four- sh*t my dad says; an obvious pick for obvious reasons
five- a tommy bahama pull over because his alter ego is kenny chesney (aka: the jimmy buffet of farmers)

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