style- animal print

I am not usually a fan of animal print. There is a fine line between looking chic and just wtf? However, when done right I think it's most adorbs. I need that belt right meow. I could wear it everyday! (?) I also wish that wee little wallet wasn't so over-priced....


happy halloween!

Happy Halloween from Velma and Scooby! I hope your day is filled with babies and candy, because there is nothing cuter than babies on Halloween and there is nothing better than eating unhealthy amounts of candy guilt free...because you know, it's the holidays!


how to trick or treat as an adult

As a child you can see Halloween was about sheer greed for me. The tight smile says "mom, take the damn picture and let's hit the house that gives out the king size candy bars."

As I mentioned before Halloween doesn't really strike my fancy as much as it does for some people. However, there is one element of Halloween that I will always hold dear: trick or treating. Or just treating rather, who likes a trick? GIVE ME THE CANDY....muhahahha. Anyways, now that I am considered an "adult" I have to be sneaky about how to get my free candy. I have devised a list.

1. Find a small child to take trick or treating in agreement to split your loot 70:30. They are at a very cavity-prone age anyways and don't need all that sugar. And of course, take the Almond Joys, Snickers, and Reeses for yourself, leave them with the butterscotch candies, black licorice taffies, and the cough drops from the family who "forgot it was Halloween."

2. Do it for "charity." How's that for bad karma?

3. Volunteer to pass out the candy at your friends house while they hit the town. Tell them to purchase a giant bag of only one kind of candy and then operate a trade agreement with the little rug-rats. "My Laffy-Taffy for your Kit Kat." It is important to teach children business strategies early on.

4. Think like a child. What are the kids going as for Halloween this year? Justin Bieber (done and done, almost too easy), a One Direction band member, little- sort of inappropriate Katy Perrys, and maybe like a cupcake here and there? And of course there is always your standard witches, M&Ms, and pumpkins. So, get you a child-like costume. Then take off all of your make up, throw on a retainer, and do your hair in a giant messy bun or something...and you may be able to pull of middle-schooler. This of course only works if you are just over five feet tall, like myself.

5. Get a posse. Find some tweens and tag along.

6. Bring a stroller and cover the top with a blanket. Say your three year old is sleeping because he couldn't make it to all of the houses but you don't want him to wake up with so little candy. This is a good option if you are older looking than I am.

7. Go dressed as a Hooters girl and see how many people appreciate your dedication to the sport of trick or treating, and end up forking over the candy. Just kidding, don't be a Hooters girl, that's trashy. Be something classier like a cheerleader or a hardly recognizable version of Lady Gaga. Because after all, that's what Halloween is all about. Right?

Disclaimer! Remember to check your candy for poisons and drugs, because you're an adult now and that is your responsibility.

Trick or treat at your own risk, my friends. There is not a guarantee you won't get weird looks, old spearmints, or pissed off parents...but it will all be worth it when you get home, put on Wednesday's episode of Modern Family and gorge yourself.


baking- mini pumpkin pies

Happy Monday! I hope your Halloweekend was everything you thought it would be and so much more. I actually ended up dressing up...as Velma! I was pret-ty impressed with myself. and of course I had my entourage in tow of Scooby, Fred, and Shaggy. 

I know there is still Thanksgiving to come, but it is never too early for pumpkin pie. Especially when they are as simple as this. 

These little guys are so easy I don't even feel the need to share the recipe with you. If you have a mini tart pan, pie crust, and your favorite pumpkin pie filling recipe you are good to go. I used Trader Joe's pie crust and canned pumpkin puree (recipe for pie filling on the back.) Simply press the pie dough into the tart pan, pour in the filling, and bake for about 10 minutes (or until the middle is just a little unset.) 
I topped mine with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and some sprinkled cinnamon...and viola! Easy peezy pumpkin squeezy. 


people like cute things - socks

Thanks to bros on college campuses everywhere, the Vans Stores employee worker's union, and high school athletes, socks are back. Being a sock lover myself, I appreciate this trend whole-heartedly. I've never cared much about fancy bras or underwear under my clothes, but socks? YES. The best part is that socks are extremely comfortable and warm obviously, so the cuteness has purpose people. The sock trend is proof that once again, people like regular, old everyday items to be cute and fun. It's a fact. These socks are sure to please. I especially love the assorted socks sets that come in cute holiday wrapping. Perfect for a socking-stuffer. HA. See what I did there?



contributions-stripes, stripes & more stripes

Stripes...my biggest obsession right now (well, other then cozy socks, dark wood and puppies...)
I just can't get enough of them--shirts...sheets...furniture...anything and everything--obsessed!

There's just something about 'em that makes me feel oh so put together (even when I really woke up late and maybe didn't shower?) And they have the ability to add that little bit of somethin' extra to a room in the simplest of ways. Add stripes, of any kind, to your list of 'must haves'...I can guarantee them to brighten your life in one way or another! 

XOXO, Mackenzie

* I do not claim ownership to these photos--1 2 3


inspiration- etsy weddings

I have decided to add wedding elements to my Etsy shop and I want them to be perfect. I want to take inspiration from bridal and wedding trends to make unique and romantic decor. I plan to start off with a simple color scheme include golds, light pinks, silver, and ivory. These items at BHLDN are the perfect inspiration for what I want my wedding collection to be. Can't wait to get crafting! 

-you can visit the Etsy shop on the top of the page!- 


style- what velma would wear

I'm not much for Halloween. I'm too lazy to dress up really so I normally just end up putting on something together from my closet that I think is funny but no one else understands. Here's my attempt at putting an effort into a costume: picking out what Velma of Scooby Doo would sport if she shopped around a little. Sorry guys, but this is probably as good as it gets. Maybe next year...

articulations - i must admit...

...Slacking is fun. Once you have accepted yourself as a slacker, it puts a whole new spin on things. Finish off the second season of Parenthood instead of studying for my econ midterm? Don't mind if I do.

...The monkey emogis are the best ones and they look/act the most like me - sassy yet charming (wink, wink). Ha. Yeah right. But seriously, the monkeys are my fave.

...Selfies from the waist down (as seen above in the giant picture of my lower half) manage to be sort of artsy but also kind of weird when they are enlarged (once again, as seen above.)

...Sometimes I hate myself for listening to Taylor Swift and then talking mounds of shiboigen about her. I think it's called hypocrisy? This makes it incredibly embarrassing when you forget to turn Spotify to a private session...

...I feel as though the amount of crises that I encounter in terms of what I'm doing with my life (as far as completing college goes) are excessive and really annoying/worrisome for those close to me. I can't help it, okay?

...I'm trying to become a lipstick wearing type of person. And I'm embarrassed about it..but I'm doing it anyways. Speaking of which, when the hell did drugstore lipstick become so expensive? I was in market for a $2 kind of product and $8 was the best I could do?! But it will all be worth it when I have achieved lipstick-person-wearing status. Right?

Happy Tuesday from me to you. 
In the words of Lamar Odom's father: One love, stay young. 


projects- ombre dot garland

Happy Monday!

When I first moved into my white-walled apartment I was overjoyed to be able to use my Cricut to create some pretty adorbs things. Like you saw here, it is easy (and cheap!) to make cute paper wall decorations. With that in mind, I know that not everyone is as lame as I am and owns an elaborate paper cutter, but you can easily visit your nearest craft store for punches and cut outs that are just as convient. 

This garland is not hard but is a little time consuming. Kind of like stringing popcorn during Christmas...which I've never actually done but I'm sure it's a huge pain in the ass. This is worth the time though, look how cute! You can use all kinds of colors and you can make the garland as long or as short as you like, depending on where you hang it. 

You will need:
- 45, 2 inch cut cardstock paper circles in three different colors. (My garland has 15 paper circles of each color, making for 45 total) 
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks (yes, mine are gold! woo hoo!)
-Sewing needles - medium thickness
- Fishing line 

1. Thread your needle with fishing like and poke the needle through the center of a circle. String through. Cut the fishing line extra long so you don't have to worry about any circles falling off as you string.

2. Repeat step #1 for all of your colors, going in order to create an ombre look. You can let all of the circles pile up on the string, you will place them when they have all been strung.

3. Once all your circles are strung, start by placing your first circle near the top of the string. Place a tiny dot of hot glue on the circle center where you string the needle through to hold the circle on the string.

4. Repeat this by placing each circle about 1 & 1/2 inches apart on the fishing line - moving down along the string from your first circle.

5. I made two strands as you can see and strung them by the ends and tacked up the middle. There are so many options for colors and placement though! Have fun!


people like cute things - packaging

I recently treated myself to a Kate Spade ring that I'm obsessed with. I was so excited when the package came in the mail and was even more thrilled when I opened it to find adorable patterned, neon pink tissue paper sealed with a gold sticker. Under the tissue paper was a small red and purple box complete with a bow and a signature Kate Spade pink and gold embossed card. I would have loved the ring if it came in an Altoids container, but the packaging did make it even better.

It's simple really: people like cute things. That's just it. Why else would we ooh and ahh over mini polka dot staplers or striped paper straws? It doesn't matter if it serves the same purpose as the standard, mundane product, it makes it better when it looks pretty.
With my Etsy Shop, I took this concept to heart. I have striped paper bags to match the colors of my business, personalized stationary, and I tie it all together with a ribbon. It shows that I care about the product I am selling and I like to think that it makes my customers just a little bit happier.

I found this adorable packing shop on Etsy that has tons of great products to make things look cute.

one - neon yellow paper shred to cushion items and add cute fill in a box that may be too big.
two - gift tags in a cute color.
three - thin, sparkly ribbon.
4 - gold doilies that have endless uses - around envelops, taped to boxes...
5 - chevron paper bags for more delicate items. fold them over and punch a hole for ribbon!
6. sparkly gold envelope seals.

Check out all of the items at INKKIT on Etsy -- the packaging and photo styling is great.


baking - peanut butter banana cream pie

As some of you may know, baking is my original passion in life...along with the Kardashians and nail polish. This pie is my first and long overdue baking project in my apartment kitchen since becoming a pie girl (did I mention that? yeah, I'm a pie girl now. It's a thing). But I haven't made nearly enough pies yet to really call myself a "pie girl." So, I made this pie. And it's good. Really, really good. Rich, peanut buttery, and gives you that I'm-gonna-puke-but-I-can't-stop-eating kind of feeling...you know, in a good way.

Here's the recipe!

Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie
{Recipe adopted from Epicurious}

6 ounces vanilla wafer cookies
6 tablespoons cold, unsalted butter - cut into 1/2 inch pieces
2 tablespoons sugar

1/3 cup sugar
1 and 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup milk
2 large egg yolks
1 tablespoon vanilla paste, or 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
3-4 firm but ripe bananas
2 tablespoons orange juice

Peanut butter topping:
3 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
2/3 cup heavy whipping cream, chilled

To make the crust:
1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a food processor, combine all of the crust ingredients and chop until fine and crumbly.
3. Press the crust into a 9 inch pie pan, making sure to cover the sides.
4. Bake the crust until golden, about 12 minutes.
5. Let the crust cool completely.

To make the filling:
1. In a medium saucepan, combine the sugar, cornstarch and salt. Whisk until well blended.
2. Gradually add the heavy cream and then the milk.
3. Add the egg yolks and vanilla bean and whisk until incorporated.
4. Cook the mixture over medium heat until it thickens and lightly boils, about 5 minutes.
5. Remove the mixture from heat and add the tablespoon of butter.
6. Pour the warm filling into the cooled pie crust and chill for about 1 hour.

7. After the filling is cooled, slice up the bananas on a diagonal. Toss the bananas in the orange juice to coat. Place them on a paper towel and lightly pat dry. Assemble the bananas in a spiral to cover the filling (as seen below).

To make the peanut butter topping:
1. In a mixer, beat the cream cheese and powdered sugar until smooth. 
2. Beat in the vanilla and then the peanut butter.
3. In another bowl whip the whipping cream on high until stiff peaks form.
4. Fold the whipped cream and the peanut butter mixture together until smooth.
5. Spread the peanut butter topper evenly over the banana layer.
6. Chill the pie for at least three hours before serving.
7. Cover and refrigerate for up to three days. 

Some notes!

*To decorate the pie I simply piped a ring of peanut butter around the rim and layered vanilla wafer cookies - with a little dollop of peanut butter in the middle.
*If you're a big banana fan feel free to add more bananas to the middle layer, but as the recipe is it is the perfect balance of peanut butter, banana and vanilla. Just sayin'.
*I could eat the warm vanilla filling with a ladle, mainly due to the flavor the vanilla paste adds, so try not to leave this out because it's worth it!



style- fall wishlist

one - a black and white striped shirt. 
two- loving the Essie fall nail polish line.
three - I am dying to try short boots.
four- my fave lip balm.
five- long socks for under my Hunter boots.
six - infinity scarf in a fall color. 


projects - a cheap girl's gallery wall

I love the gallery wall look. It's stylish, it's creative, it's everywhere. The gallery wall is an awesome way to add some character to your walls but it can be expensive. Frames alone can be $20 each and the backed matting is a pain in the ass. So, here's the cheap version of a gallery wall and how to do it.

#1- no frames? no problem!
You can still make your pictures pop on the wall by cutting paper to appear as a frame.

#2- Add some cute tape!
Hanging pictures with washi tape is trendy in design right now, but if you're like me you have nowhere to buy washi tape and don't feel like paying shipping for a $4.00 item. So just get out some regular old matte finish Scotch Tape, a Sharpie, and doodle away!

#3 - Pick your pictures wisely
On your gallery wall include pictures that you think are pretty, quotes that inspire you, or paper designs that you just plain like. I made all of the things on my way simply by cutting and gluing cutouts onto some of my favorite papers. You may want to mix up the patterns with the solids though, to avoid from being too busy.



I am so excited to introduce a contributor! My friend Mackenzie! I love her taste when it comes to everything design and can't wait to see what she brings to Grapefruit and Gold. Welcome, Kenz!

Hi, all! As Jenna said, I'm Mackenzie. I'm super excited to get the chance to start sharing some of the things that not only am I obsessing over each week, but also that inspire me daily. Ever since Jenna asked me to be a contributor, I've been racking my brain for the perfect first post...since I've had far too many fashion obsessions lately I knew it'd be easy, yet once I sat down to start writing my brain went straight to something else

I've been drooling and stalking her work since I stumbled across her blog last week! 
Drool worthy, right? As if I need reassurance...I'm completely head over heels in love, and not only with her work, with her as well. She's this cute, tiny little thing who does heavenly wood work. 
Need I say more? I am ridiculously inspired! I have already corned my dad into helping me make one of the headboards (eeek!) Check out her work, seriously, you'll be blown away. Also, check back next week for more of what I'm currently obsessing over, can't wait to share!

*I do not claim ownership to any of these photos--all from brooklyntowest.blogspot.com



Life has been good lately. I have been rejecting the idea of a normal school day, with my schedule having been tweaked so I only have two full days of class. This is seriously beginning to worry me that I may never be able to go to school five days a week ever again. Somehow when you only have class a couple days a week, it makes it harder to go....? So, I have been taking sometime for me this week. You know, cause two days of class is exhausting.

1. JUSTIN BIEBER. An insane mix of screaming teenagers (to be expected) and territorial moms (not so expected.) 

2. I left Wednesday night to spend some time in Seattle. I was on campus waiting for Brad to be done with class and snuck into some fancy-ass dorm. It has a Whole Foods Market attached to it. Because you know, every college student needs a Whole Foods in their dorm. 

3. Brad and I have watched 11 hours of Parenthood in the last 2 days. It hooks you! I'm mainly in it to watch Dax Shepard. 

4. When you skip school you get a surprising amount of school work done actually. All my homework for two classes is completed far before the deadline. Suck it, college. 

Happy weekend!

geronimo balloons.

I know the Geronimo Balloons trend has been full force for quite some time now but I am continually stunned by how amazing balloons can be. And the office is completely gorg.

images via one/two/three



You could say that I am an old soul. I'm not much for a wild night out and I am very content spending time in to work on my various business ventures. This aspect of myself is one that I am often criticized for. I definitely wouldn't say I'm a boring person, I just don't prefer to get cray, cha feel?
Anyways, I have decided that I am a very confusing person to figure out. This isn't intentional, it's just because I have a wide range of conflicting and contradicting view points. For example, catchy pop music is my thing. I am guilty of loving Justin Bieber (who I may or may not be seeing in concert tomorrow night...), any hit song from the early 2000's and obviously I think anything Akon touches is gold. This is something people often don't expect from me due to my consistent lectures about what "good" country is and my hatred for Taylor Swift (entertainer of the year, my ass.)
Another example: I love cheerleaders. Like pro/college cheerleaders that is. They are just so talented!! Which is weird because you would expect me to be someone who thinks cheerleaders are overly preppy and annoying, but I don't. In fact, I tried out for cheerleading for one day in high school. Judging by how I said "one day" you can probably guess that it didn't go well. But, I do know a great dance to "bust a move."

So what should be conclude from all of this? I could be on the Starbursts commercials, because I my friends, am a walking contraction. But also, don't judge a Jenna by her sarcasm and very opinionated opinions! I just might surprise you...like...does everyone love Nickelback as much as I do? Ha. Jokes! Nobody loves Nickelback...not even Nickelback. Unless you like Nickelback, then that's cool, I guess.


& gold - 1

I am always on the lookout for gold schtuff to complete me. Here are some greats. The Kate Spade bangle is already on my Christmas list.


extra, extra!

As you may have noticed, this blog is no longer called Sweet Petite. I felt that it was too conflicting to be linking my business to my personal life, so here we are! Grapefruit and Gold is my new place to document the things that inspire me, the things I just feel like posting about, and the things that you all are dying to know about me. ha. I'm so excited about this brand-spankin'-new page, what do you guys think?

You might be wonder why I'm calling this Grapefruit and Gold. Honestly, it literally just came to me. I've always liked the word grapefruit for some reason, it just seems fresh and crisp. And I love gold anything, so Grapefruit and Gold seemed like the natural choice.

You can still see what Sweet Petite is up to by visiting the website dedicated only to the business and as always, you can check Sweet Petite out on Facebook!

This new and improved blog will soon have a new and improved name. In a couple days I am going to change the name to: grapefruitandgold.blogspot.com so look for that if you try to search the current name and nothing comes up!

You can expect to see new (hopefully weekly) columns and the addition of a contributor!

Here's to next chapter of blogging!



I have been researching diy posts across the blogosphere in order to gain insight for my own (eventual) diy column. I currently have two in the mix! Woot woot for me! Here are my fave diy's right meow.


7 things...

I have decided to start 7 things... column. Because 10 is too long and 5 is too short, not because I love Miley Cyrus' song "7 things I Hate About You"...cause you know, I don't....

Anyways, this column will be 7 things________. So for example: 7 things I ate today...except they will be more inspired than this particular example. Unless I ate really interesting foods or happen to be in Europe or something along those lines.

We will start with "7 Things I Wish I Could Do" because it was the only category I had the most "things" prepared for.

1. Make candles that smell as heavenly as Voluspas...because those bitches are expensive!

2. Graphic design proficiently.

3. Run while simultaneously enjoying running.

4. Teleport.

5. Be less sarcastic when trying to be funny when I meet people for the first time.

6. Tell Scott Disick just how much he really means to me and that the Kardashian's would be nothing without his witty touch.

7. My hair well.

What do you wish you could do? I would love to hear from those of you who actually read this page so I know who is! Leave a comment!

Happy Monday!

image via (I didn't know what else to use...)

sweet petite hearts america.

Today I achieved the American dream. Well, kind of. I finally got Sweet Petite a business license! Now I don't have to be a sketchy business owner. By that I mean that I will be paying taxes like a civilized and honorable citizen. How mature of me, ay?

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