i'm pretty happy about 2013. it just has a good feel to it.

in the blurry picture above that i only put on this blog to showcase my cutie polka dot sweater and insanely sparkly nail polish, is my new neon pink planner for 2013 (a gift from my sis-in-law.) i already have my moleskin planner for school and such so i plan to use this adorable little thing as somewhat of a journal calendar. i have always wanted to do a 365 challenge but i'm not up for a selfie-a-day or any of that nonsense. so i plan to write my "high of the day" in this planner at the end of every day. i'm hoping that this little challenge will be simple enough for me to complete and will help me to stay positive and optimistic (one of my resolutions) and will be fun to look back through. but i did in fact already forget to write in it last night and had to do it this morning so we will see how far i get here. is anyone else doing a challenge?

oh, and happy new year!! my resolution list is complete and will be shared probably in about a week when i have determined what is actually realistic.

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