i am always bummed when christmas is over. things just aren't as happy, you know? the starbucks christmas cups go away (a marketing ploy that i am heavily influenced by), it is no longer acceptable to listen to christmas music, and there aren't fun parties and family gatherings to look forward to. if i could live in a christmas decorated home all year round, a sort of whoville if you will, then i would. but until cyndi lou hoo and i meet up and work out lease deets (which i really would not want to do because the grown cyndi lou doesn't even seem like she likes christmas - taylor momson that is), i will have to find other ways to be more festive throughout the year. so from one of the "merry chirstmas" garlands i made i hang in our apartment i modified and made this little gold pom and washi tape flag garland to hang in my room for some festive-ness.
and it's easy! just use a needle to string some poms onto fishing line, add a piece of folded washi tape in between each of the poms, and then cut the tape into flags. easy!

ps. sorry for the somewhat blurry pictures, the light to my room is blocked by an enormous tree.

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