so yeah, i have had never been sonic! can you believe it? i only bought a flavored diet coke but still! i finally understand what all the hype is about the ice!

 while we're on this subject i have also never done lots of things so i thought i might make a list of all of them. 

1. i have never liked harry potter. i can hear all of the gasps and "eff you's" as i write this... sorry i'm just more of a twilight girl...

2. i have never broken a bone. let's keep it that way.

3. i have never gotten 100% percent on a test score (one that actually mattered or was remotely difficult that is.) 

4. i have never travelled internationally -- because i don't count vacations to mexico. 

5. i have never posted a facebook status. or at least one that wasn't advertising for my baking business.

6. i have never drank mountain dew. truth. never tried it. 

7. i have never drank an energy drink -- i'm not trying to be up for two days you know? i drink a coffee at three and i'm up until two, i can't handle my caffeine. 

8. i have never been to canada! and i live right by the border! don't worry i'll go soon and check this and number 4 off of my list. 

my never list is pretty long, my odds of winning "never have i ever" are pretty high.

happy hump day!

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