get it? boots > stomping. so clever i am. 

so as i mentioned before my most significant new year's resolution was to be a more positive gal (people are still saying gal, right?) and let me tell you it has been quite experience. it's like seeing the world through a whole new lens! is this what it's like to be cross-faded? giddy and relaxed all at once? cause if so pass me the mike's hard and let's roll one. kidding. kind of.

anyways i thought you might be interested to know what it's like to be a person of optimism. i'm so distinguished.  can't you tell? here are some most positive things that have recently come about in this unicorns and rainbows life i live.

&. i have decided to join a fantasy football league. why you ask? how else am i going to get clay matthew's to love and cherish me? kidding, but i do love clay, he could really help me perfect my french braiding skills. the real reason? i want to be jenny from the league. oh and i'm fairly certain it will make brad love me more. i have a year to prepare. i better start thinking of a witty name and inappropriate videos for the message boards now.

&&. i'm back at the gym and doin' it up. today i worked out for nearly an hour and then topped it off with a turbo kick class that turbo kicked my ass.

&&&. the twitter-sphere is complete as i am contributing to it with my pressing thoughts and comments. but stressful that twitter! every time i'm about to tweet it's like, "are people going to think this is stupid?" "should i not use the word "seemingly?" and then i realize that the only people who follow me are people who have seen me naked. ryan gosling, wuttt?

&&&&. i am staying on top of my school work! (except for that book that i didn't read. but really? does that even count?) it's like the good ole high school days where i actually cared about staying on top of my stuff. i must say, it's refreshing.

&&&&&. i am off to canada this weekend! and you better believe that i will be double fisting something as a legal drinker! i actually don't have a terribly great appetite for alcohol, but how lame would this point have been without a comment like that?

&&&&&&. i have decided to start acting like the owner of the business that own again. see i told, distinguished. i even received an email for a wedding today! fingers crossed i'll hook em! aw yeah, sweet petite yeah.

&&&&&&&. i rearranged my room! am i the only person who feels as though this is a life changing thing? it's like, so spacious! totally opens the room up! so much more space for my art and crafts and of course, crunches. ha. not. not ever.

take that negativity! take that and shove it right up your ass.
>>>quick side note, just as i was done with this post my internet pooped on me and deleted it. the irony.

happy monday/tuesday to you and you and you! go forth in light of jenna, touching (figuratively) those around you with your positiveness.

so damn distinguished.

proof! that one: i did in fact go to the gym. and two: even girls can be bros! and three: i am so hawttt. and four: i do in fact watch netflix on my ipad while working out. it's only kind of embarrassing.


  1. Weeee, atta girl Yen!

  2. umm CUTE blog! love the name, and love this post. there is no better quality than optimism!
    now following..XO

    1. Thanks for stopping!! Can't wait come check out your blog, I love new blog friends!

  3. i just found your blog and I love it!! You make me want to do more with my life! I need to start working out ASAP! :)

    1. Thanks, girl! It's a scary thought to think I am inspiring people to go the gym because trust me, i'm the furthest thing from inspiring in this department. But i'll take it! Thanks for stopping!


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