here he is ladies the little brown wonder you all have been waiting for, braddddd churchhh. he is going to hate me for that line. and probably most of this post. whoops!

brad is my boyfriend of quite some time now. since i was a freshman in high school to be exact. and he's a pretty good time. i found these pictures while i was looking through some one ones on my computer from the summer and i couldn't resist. they are just too redonkulously hilarious.

in case you were wondering the thing in brad's hand is a paper straw. he found it at my house and insisted on bringing it along as we took pictures of my sister. and now there it is in every picture. i don't know.

and in the top smaller picture brad is holding on to a grain auger? and the bottom one he is showing the camera his flashy nike frees. naturally.

i feel weird writing about how great brad is or how much i love him cause that's not really our style. posting pictures like this is more my speed. they are just ridiculous enough for me to get away with without getting an angry text. muhahaha.

not posted: the sorority squat. he wouldn't let me get away with that one, but man is it sheer photographic gold, i tell ya.
again with the straw. like, what the hell? 

sorry, babe. had to.

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