okay i wouldn't exactly say "new year, new me" but i did get some front facial highlights to really set this year off, you know? they look much more dramatic and brassy in these pictures than they actually are in real life but it's kinda fun to see what the edits do. like a grown up sally salon or whatever that game was. anyways, i have never really been one to do resolutions and if i do then they are always way to open-ended or vague and then i just forget them, i believe this to be the problem behind the "go to the gym more" resolution we all feel obligated to make. i have made mine more specific this year in hopes that i will actually accomplish something by making them. here goes:

&. start drinking more water -- at least three bottles full per day. i am terrible at drinking water, i hate having to pee every ten minutes so i generally just don't drink enough. coupled with this problem is the side aches that i get even in the midst of a face paced walk. it's ridiculous.

&&. keep my mouth shut. i am a sarcastic person, it's always been my most loved and most hated quality depending on what side of the spectrum you're on. this year i want to work on resisting the urge to say something i find funny in the midst of a moment when it may not be appreciated. my friends will all appreciate this one i hope.

&&&. start knitting again and experiment with it. my boyfriend's mom is the bomb at knitting. she has all kinds of different tools with which she makes cool patterns. my knitting is usually a scarf that frays out at the end because i didn't weave in the excess. i want to learn some new stitches and experiment with yarn sizes so that i can get back in the knitting game. (yep, i heard how lame it sounds)

&&&&. be more optimistic. i don't think of myself as a super negative person but i also wouldn't say i'm always looking on the bright side. i want to stop being so negative about school and start putting that energy into actually enjoying my classes. i'm hoping my 365 challenge will help with this particular resolution.

&&&&&. start bringing my camera more places and taking more pictures. i'm always embarrassed to take pictures in public for some reason. i think it's because whenever you see someone taking a picture of something you always stop and look at what it is -- this makes me self conscious. what if i find the outside of a run down applebee's artsy?

of course i want to go the gym more, save more money, eat less junk food but those are things that i am always trying to do -- like, everyday. i want my resolutions to be (sorry to be cliche) a fresh start and things that i have never given enough thought to.

i plan to display these little goals of mine (and maybe a few others) somewhere where i can see then everyday and can hold myself accountable -- here's to the new year! let's make it a happy one!

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