if you know me, you know that hipsters are a pet peeve of mine. and i don't mean to say that i hate people who feel that they identify with the hipster look or something like that. it's more the "movement" as a whole. i ain't tryna offend nobody so if you feel that this rant i'm about to go on will not suite you...read anyway because this is a public service announcement people!

let's start with the fact that the hipster "movement" is supposed a sort of social movement centered around similar ideologies. social movements are great, i'm all for em but in my professional shit talking opinion, the hipster movement is more about aesthetics. and that is also fine and dandy (i mean where would we be without the pillow-pet movement? that's the same right?), until things that i like to add to my wannabe stylish wardrobe are robbed from me by hipsterdom! and other everyday things we all know and enjoy. you know what i'm talking about...mason jars, pbr, effing red wine. you may also recognize these items that i have listed as SOME OF THE MOST COMMON THINGS EVER. you can't just take things that everyone likes to enjoy and make them yours, hipsters. it ain't cool.

i go to a school that is crawling with hipsters. whether that be people who actually believe they are hipsters or people who dress as though, they are everywhere, much like in most of the pacific northwest (i blame you, portland). and honestly, ninety-five percent of hipsters don't bother me because most can laugh about the seriousness in which many hipsters feel towards common hipster things. am i saying hipster too much?

but my main issue, is clothing related things. today i had an early lab and i thought to myself, i just want to be comfortable and warm. after five minutes of grabbing items from my closet, i had assembled the outfit you see below. and when i looked in the mirror, i was all too aware of how i looked. like a freaking hipster. and then i thought to myself (like i do with most things of this nature) no, i am not going to let hipsters take the pairing of these clothing items from me. no i am not going to let hipsters take wearing plastic framed glasses from me. no i am not going to let hipsters take retro sweatshirts from my childhood from me. so i flaunted the outfit confidently, however all i could think about when i walked into class was, is everyone thinking i'm a hipster? so when i say "confidently" i guess that's the wrong word to use.

and then i get home and my roommate says, "lookin' like a hipster today i see!" balls. such. a. bummer.

but then i launched into a rant like i tend to do and explained myself. so if you are in for some more longwindedness listen up, people! below is the list of clothing items that i wore today and explanation for why i should be allowed to wear each one as part of my overall outfit.

1. a beanie. otherwise known as a hat. you know, to keep your head warm? 
2. a tribal print scarf that is part of my everyday uniform. this pattern pops up everywhere but especially on hipsters. they usually prefer it in wool though.
3. a jean jacket. you know, those things that everyone likes to wear? whether you're a cowboy, a preppy girl, my great grandmother, tupac, jean jackets are a fairly universal item.
4. puffy vest. popular among everyone. because they are comfortable and warm. this one is just pure logistical. 
5. first, levi's. i did an oral report on levi's in fifth grade (i also did one on krispy kremes. i was the kreme de la kreme of oral reports, i tell ya. ha. see what i did there?) and as most of us know them, they are america's blue jeans. levi strauss pioneered the denim pants movement and now here we are today. with all americans still wearing them, but hipsters trying to make it part of their image. to continue on, black denim for that matter. it's a universal classic. there.
6. and finally converse all stars, the original sneaker. you all remember in rocky when he is running with chucks on? converse are an american staple. and you don't get to have them hipsters, even if you only want white and black. 

all i'm saying is i just want to be able to wear something here in this hipster town without the searing judgement/questioning. the last thing i need people thinking is that i browse music sites to find bands that no one else has heard of but are really good and write all original music and only use the banjo. no. that's not me. yet, this outfit may label me as so. so i guess this all comes back to don't judge a book by it's cover? except this whole post is judgmental on my part so that doesn't work, huh? take it as you will, people. but now you have been rightfully informed. 

signing off....

my work here is done....

disclaimer! if you are a hipster please don't take offense, merely comment and prove me wrong! i need some clarification of this seemingly damned movement! :)

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