my name is jenna kincaid and i am an over-treater.

i throughly believe in a good "treat" every now and then. and by that i mean most days. okay, every day. i just find myself feeling that "i deserve it." that i've somehow earned my treats. just this morning in fact after a test that i hardly studied for i said to my roommate, i think i should get coffee, that test was harder than i thought and i deserve it. no jenna, you don't deserve it, you didn't study. (if you were wondering, i didn't get it because i am able to be rational sometimes. just kidding, the line was too long. ha.)

this past weekend, as i poked around a fancy, over-priced candy shop in seattle (i was taking pictures of the cute interior and the girl behind the counter told me that pictures weren't allowed. little does she know i have like fifty on my phone. oh, and by the way bitch, i get better cinnamon candy at winco. and sorry i just called you a bitch candy girl, you were actually really nice and you didn't deserve that. i got caught up...and we're back...) i realized that i do indeed find a reason to treat myself in someway everyday. whether this be buying a new nail polish, drinking a latte, or eating nearly a whole bag of dove chocolates, i do something. everyday. what does this say about my character? am i in love with myself? in the last seventy-two hours (!!!), i have treated myself in the following ways (and these are just the main ones.)

1. i broke down and finally bought the ban.do phone case i have been lusting over forever because you know what? i really like it and if i really like it then i deserve it. how's that for logic?

2. on sunday afternoon, brad and i went to both a candy shop (i was in desperate need of cinnamon bears) and then got cupcakes right after. not to mention the night before i basically inhaled a bag of sour patch watermelons and sour straw bites. my excuse for this? it's the weekend!

3. i bought not one, but two beanies at american apparel. i had to return something and they wouldn't give me cash back in stores only store credit. to get your money back i had to mail back to store i bought from. so instead of saving my money and just returning the velvet leggings that made me look straight out of a twerking video, i spent the money on a beanie. and then because there was like five dollars left i overspent on another beanie. the reason for this one? who need five dollars to american apparel? no one! but the rational person would have simply mailed the damn things back.

4. i ordered biscuits and gravy and a short stack of pancakes at breakfast with my friend zeke. we had just walked for nearly an hour and i was famished! and this diner was super trendy and cute and who knows when i'll be back?! did i need them both? of course not. and then i complained about having a side ache on the walk home while simultaneously telling zeke how positive of a person i have become. what is wrong with me?
in the fifteen minutes that i have been writing this post, i have done some real soul searching. what is it about treating myself that feels so justifiable to me? and the answer is quite simple: it's fun and it makes my days brighter.

after have coming this realization, i think everyone needs to treat themselves more! yes. that's what needs to happen. tomorrow morning, let me see those lines at starbucks out the door people! i want everyone, i mean everyone! watching american idol (because we all secretly love how out of place keith urban is) instead of being productive! and may we all just take a three hour nap in the middle of day, because you know what? we earned it! wahoo!

god, how inspiring am i? are you inspired?


well i've inspired myself! and my inspired-self deserves about an hour and half on pinterest.

and no, i will not got to your tranquil rehab facility in southern california, dr. drew. i'll be an addict forever.


  1. i read this and felt like kissing you because YOU LIKE CINNAMON BEARS! have you tried the chocolate covered?! not quite as good but...chocolate!

  2. also, holy shi. could NOT make it past the comment automation authenticator thing. that comment took my twenty minutes to publish, and that's for real.

    1. CINNAMON BEARSSSS!!! Who DOESN'T like them? Except for everyone. Who hates them. okay so the chocolate is a THING? I must find these wonders. and google likes to eff with you when commenting.


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