so, it's valentine's day. what more could you ask for then this picture of marge and brad making out?

on this day of love, i would like to proclaim my love to the charmer pictured above. not. that's gross.

instead, let me tell you the story of how brad and i met. because...we're about to be at the five year mile marker and i had to do something for valentine's day?

i was a freshman in high school and decided quite randomly to become the manager of the wrestling team. (judge away. it's embarassing, i know.)

brad was on the wrestling team (and two years older, gasp!) and i developed a little crush. one that resembled stalking. no, not in a cute sort of way.

i never talked to him. ever. but on occasion he would sit behind me on the bus to tournaments. which always sent me into anaphylactic shock.

encounter number one: then one day at safeway on a stop for food. he sat down next to me and asked how my caramel + apples were. i was less than charming and yelled in his face about how disgusting his meal looked.

encounter number two: brad asks me why i wore pajama pants to an all day wrestling tournament. good effing question, why the hell would i do that?

encounter number three: my co-manager and i arrange a "secret" phone operation. she pretends to lose her phone, can't find me, asks if she can borrow brad's to call me, i don't answer, she texts me from his phone saying "where are you?", i respond several hours later with "who is this?"
genius, huh? we thought so. except brad realized it was a setup and then didn't text back. that was only kind of embarrassing.

encounter number four: we carpool with friends across the state to watch the state wrestling tournament and begin have awkward and over thought conversations brought on by me.

encounter number five: after we are back from the tournament brad texts me on president's day, "happy president's day".....?
here we are as babies in our high school days. 
and the rest is some form of history (rock and roll seems like too much.)
brad, you're my best friend and i love you most all the time ;) (sorry guys it's valentine's day and i didn't have time to send him a card! procrastination, whaatt?)

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