while my parents were in town we took a little trip to costco. where i promptly got a membership. and then where i bought nutella and a four-pack of toothpaste (i like to this of this a purchase that resembles balance. one gives you cavities, one prevents them?) do you know how cheap nutella is at costco?! i got those two giant containers for $9.79!

the guy who took my membership picture told me it was the best one he'd ever taken, thus making me love costco even more.
and then the next day, after my parents had left and the day of my actual birthday, i went to costco with brad because think of all that i might have missed! on that particular trip i purchased a giant shampoo and conditioner and a giant thing of face lotion, because it was deal you know? as often as i wash my hair, those bottles will probably get my through for about two years. so i considered that a smart economic investment.

and then we followed that purchase with eight solid dollars of pizza, soda, a smoothie, and a chicken bake. prior to this meal i had crepes and cake for breakfast. for obvious reasons this birthday was quickly becoming my favorite.

costco and i are quickly becoming the closest of friends.

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