before i start: if you are a male please click here. there is no reason you need to be seeing this.
but, i'm assuming most of my trusty readers are ladies (hayyyy) and boy have i prepared a little womanly treat for you ta-day! (are you kind of grossed out and worried by that mysterious description? don't worry. okay maybe a little?)

are you ready?

the bikini wax: do it yourself edition.
^^^this picture of my niece with some green beans is kind of how you feel about this right now, huh? we will continue...after the jump! click "read more" below!

i know, i know. it sounds charlie sheen crazy but it's really not that bad. besides the pain issue, getting to know yourself on such a personal level is actually kind of...educating? and empowering? i don't know.

so, i'm going to give my best (and euphemism-ized) description of my do it yourself-er lady part wax, but first a disclaimer: this is simply because i am too broke to go to a salon and i do not to nearly as good of a job as the pros. but sometimes you gotta get crafty when you're broke. oh and also, i despise shaving (but, i mean who likes it?) so that is why i like to resort to this option. alright, ladies! let's do it! (look at that enthusiasm! i should teach kick boxing?)

first, the wax. 
odd as it might sound i make my own wax at home. it's really cheap and it's sugar wax so you can feel like a lady, of course. my recipe: 2 cups white sugar, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup water. follow the instructions here to make the wax. once you have the wax at the right consistency after cooking, make sure you let it cool! this stuff is piping hot and you don't want it to burn your skin! it should be warm enough that it feels hot for a second as you apply but then cools, as long it's not burning you, you're all good.

the pre-game.
make sure that you haven't just showered, you won't want your skin to be too sensitive. use baby wipes or a wet, soapy washcloth to clean your, ahem, area. make sure your skin is completely dry before waxing. some people say to apply cornstarch to your skin before waxing as well but i have never done that. they say it helps the wax adhere only to the hair, so worth a shot.

for the strips.
you can either buy wax strips from a beauty supply store, or i simply cut up an old t-shirt to use.

for the applying.
apply your wax using popsicle sticks. you'll need a lot because you after each use the stick gets thrown away to avoid spreading bacteria.

for the waxing.
alright, it's time. so, i'm sure you know, but make sure you apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, adhere your strip over top in the same direction and rub to make sure it's stuck good and well. then bite your tongue, curse yourself for making this stupid decision to even do this, and pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. make sure you pull quick, like a band aid. and viola! you've done completed your first strip of your first at home lady wax. look at you!

for the rest.
continue on in the same fashion, doing only small areas at a time. it will probably take you a while before you get the hang of it, but you will!

when you're done.
don't shower until a significant number of hours have passed for your skin to calm down. showering can cause irritation of the skin. after you're done wipe again with a baby wipe or washcloth. apply some unscented lotion or aloe vera to help with the redness. when you do take a shower, wash the area with antibacterial soap just in case any sugar wax is still lurking around, you know? and then, put on your best pair of underwear and nice pair of pajama pants and just make a day of it! you deserve to bask in this new found joy that is the bikini wax.

so, there it is. do any of you do waxing yourself? i also use this wax for my lip too! and my ahem, stomach? i'm pale with dark hair people! it's a damn curse!

if you have any tips for being an at home esthetician, leave them below! lord knows i need it...
---------- also, i hope you don't think i'm completely disgusting and a raging lunatic? oh, you do? meh, wouldn't be the first time ;)

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