if you know me personally, it's no secret to me that you have probably placed me in your top five most lame people you know. i don't mean boring, i mean lame and noooo those are not the same thing. i like to think i am entertaining to the masses every now and again, or maybe i'm not, but let's just leave it there. the things i find enjoyment in are really kind of depressing for someone my age. in a lot of ways i'm like a thirteen year old trapped in the body of a (soon to be!) twenty year old who also acts like a thirty six year old. it's all very complicated, you see. actually, no it's not. i'm just not a super thrilling person. you wouldn't be like "tonight, i want to do something totally fun, obscure, and crazy; i'll call jenna!" that just wouldn't happen. however, if you maybe wanted to bake up a quick box cake and watch reruns on a friday night or go out for thai food followed by me asking if i can curl your hair, then i'm your gal! 

i don't remember exactly when i realized how lame i am. i'm thinking my lameness probably started in elementary school and grew from there. i swear i began building my resume in fifth grade when i ran for class president, but was screwed out of the position by my cousin, (and supposed best friend) nicky. that little minion. but really, i think that's where it started. i just became a kind of lame person right then and there.

this past weekend my lameness was in full force. the pictures above are explained as follows:

one. i began watching hbo's girls. and holy amazeballs i looove that show. do you like my shot that looks like i candidly happened to take a picture of me pressing play? that is the number one indicator of my lameness in this shot and number two would be that i watched all of the episodes to date in one weekend. alone. in my bed.

two. i took a trip to seattle to see brad for the superbowl and rewarded myself with chipotle. wait, that's not lame, that's just awesome. there is absolutely nothing lame about chipotle. i'm sorry, chipotle, i don't know how you got into this collage. 

three. on a saturday night trip to the grocery store for candy, i picked up this little number and said to my roommate "um, how fun does this look?" yes, i asked how fun the sour, sugared version of a fruit roll-up looked. 

four: on a saturday night trip to the mall i purchased this pair of moccasins to get in touch with my native side. and then i took a picture of me wearing them, because this shot isn't already the most common thing in my world. i should really stop with the feet pictures.

also featured in my weekend of lameness...

...i feel into a deep sleep on friday at six pm. woke up at eight-thirty...effed around in my room trying on all my scarves as headdresses?...

...thought it would be really funny to live-tweet the superbowl halftime show with only twenty-four twitter followers. it wasn't...

...i ended the whole weekend by saying, "that was probs the best weekend i have had in a while."
and now if you'll excuse me i need to go attack the pan of rice krispies i just made and see if anything new is happening on pinterest. 

i never claimed to be cool, you guys.


  1. Yeah for buying mocs this weekend - I did the same!

  2. There's sugar and TV in your world, there's no room for lameness... or I have to reconsider my definitely of fun.

    1. hahaha i appreciate that you're in the same boat, girl!

  3. Ha, don't worry girl! We all take pictures purposefully placed to look like we are just then doing it when in reality it is all perfectly placed. And I REALLY want to see Girls! I guess I better get on that. And I think we are all a little bit lame inside ;)
    xo TJ


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