okay, was i the only one who was in the dark about the gold mine that is the dollar tree? for effin reals you guys. for six dollars and forty-seven cents i bought the following items: a cutie little felt heart garland, those heart picks that will top my birthday cake, a phone case (that looks all too similar to my kate spade polka dotted one but for one fortieth of the price,) a coca-cola glass cup that looks line a can (seriously the cutest, how could i not?) and two pairs long socks. i know it seems kinda weird to buy an item as personal (well i feel they are personal) as socks at the dollar tree but these were a dollar! one dollar! did you know everything was a dollar there? and they look line vintage tube socks (?) they do lack any stretch and feel like they are made from a material that is a mix of nylon and paper mache but for a dollar i can justify just about any purchase.

 seeing as today is the first day of such a treasured month in my world, i snapped some pictures to get us all in the spirit? so basically just red things in the flavor of cinnamon and my new hunters. because those are things that represent february. you know. 
 i portioned up a healthy serving of these bad boys at the bulk bin and have been averaging eating about fifteen per day. not an exaggeration. the other day before running out the catch the bus i took like five and put them in my pocket. what i am, six years old?
 a late christmas present that i really just love. i know it's kinda weird and annoying when people tell you how much they love something that everyone loves but seriously i love these. i have the kids version of the tall ones and now that i have the adult version, it's like i'm an adult! transforming! a more cushioned sole, no reflectors on the back to protect you from pedos and moving vehicles....
^and just because you haven't seen enough of my cinnamon obsession already? 
really i'm starting to sweat cinnamon. and sweaty cinnamon kinda just smells like old spice. ha. clever, wasn't that?

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