wahhoooo! i'm twenty! two decades! i am free from my teenage years and oh, so much more mature. i mean just look at me, it's like, a completely different person....? twenty feels like a good age. it is isn't it? my friend texted me yesterday and said i am getting closer to my "spirit age" of fifty six(no arguments there, have you read my last few posts? i'm basically ready for retirement) so i'm only physically turning twenty, and it's all cellulite and crows feet from here on out. so cheers. to that.

anyways, to celebrate my two decades (yes, i'm going to keep referencing that) my family was in town for the weekend. i had decided a while ago that i wanted my birthday cake this year to look just like the ones that my sweet pammy had made me growing up. i was like, "oh my god, this is gonna be so cute. i'll make a cake like the one i had growing up (yes, i make my own birthday cakes these days. no one offers? and i'm super obsessive compulsive? oops.) and i will write about my childhood and it will just be so cute." and then i frosted the cake and i was like, well, crap. that is not the cake from my childhood. first off, it was half assed by me in the first place (box mix? who am i?) and then when the frosting didn't look right i was all "eff it, just throw the red hots on." and so here you have it. not the beautiful story i had planned to share with you all. but i'll tell a story anyways. cause that's what you're waiting for isn't it? i thought so.

so in the gorgeous adolescent pictures above you have me and my people celebrating february tenth. my mom always made me a funfetti cake, with red hots for polka dots and hand crafted pam-cakes icing (my mother's name is pam, just so everyone can understand all the nicknames i throw in here.)

i was such a beautiful youngling as you can tell. some great bangs, a nice gap in my teeth, oh, and i had this thing for most of teens where i was blushing all the time. but not like your normal blushing where you have this like, oh-i-just-took-a-little-jaunt-in-the-cold flush, a blush that was like a red rash on my face in the shape of a boomerang. i outgrew that but i still get covered in a heat rash all over my chest when i'm embarrassed or nervous...and when i get out of the shower...and when i'm in the sun....

my teenage years, like most, were marked with bad hair cuts, acne, clothing malfunctions, and learning how to be socially acceptable (still working on this.) and as i transcend them and move onto a much more, ahem, glamorous and sophisticated era in my life, i look back on my adolescence with fondess....i think?

here are the highlights:

1. i loved having braces when i was 13 and was actually sort of sad to get them off. i thought they made me look like the quintessential teenage movie star.

2. in middle school, i called my best friend every night and we planned to match our outfits the next day at school. and then when people called us out, we denied it acting offended.

3. i was a member of pullman panthers aau basketball team and was so bad at the sport. i continue to wonder why my parents paid for it. after six years of playing i would still consistently travel almost every game. and as afore mentioned in a previous post, i looked straight redonkulous in basketball shorts. not a good era for me.

4. my high school years involved being a manager for the wrestling team and also being very passionate about the ffa. don't you dare talk to be about singlets or agriculture. i am very well versed, you see.

5. when i was a junior in high school, my cousin and i tried out for cheerleading. i always wanted to be a cheerleader. the super fit kind, you know? at the first try-out we learned this all too embarrassing dance to "bust a move." i was not good at said dance. we didn't return for day two.

6. at the homecoming dance one year, i looked up to see my sister dancing with a guy in my grade. i then proceeding to try to attack him and my cousin literally held me back. it was like bring it on. i proceeded to do this to most of my sisters dates/boyfriends from then on. just lookin out, you know?

when i read this list i really hope those aren't the actual highlights of my teen years but they are all that i could think of on the spot. and i hope when i'm thirty my highlights will include a steamy make-out session with paul rudd (i'm sure brad would approve. and be jealous of me) and teaching my niece how to two-step (she needs to be a hit at her ten year old birthday parties, you know?)


  1. happy birthday! love this post, hope all the celebrations were fun!
    darling blog, excited to follow along!
    XO chaseandem.blogspot.com

    1. thank you! so happy to have you! can't wait to pop over and look at your blog :)

  2. love these pictures! and happy 20th! :)

    andrea brionne


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