yep, you read that title right. pajama pants, people! this is a very serious issue -- well, to me anyways. i feel in love with pajama pants my first year in college and have become quite a collector ever since. i've learned some really invaluable things about pajama pants since starting school, so yeah, i'd say my parent's are pretty happy with their investment. (i've also learned not say, "ew, it smells like skunk" when showing up to a college party, but that story for another time.) i found these pictures on my phone which prompted this post. i'm brushing my teeth in both and i don't know, it just happened, okay?
so, the number one thing you need to know about getting cozy at pj time: fleece. only fleece. i've tried 'em all folks, flannel, thermal, silk, and there is nothing better than fleece. i know it. the trouble with fleece is that it usually only comes in ridonkulous patterns; ranging anywhere from tweety to easter eggs with sunglasses on. but this is just something you're going to have to accept and get over. if you're trying to look classy, comfort obviously isn't for you. (little side note tangent, have you noticed how many pairs of silk pajamas kourt kardash has? i've never seen her repeat a pair. i'm willing to bet mason might not be able to go to college because she spent his fund on pajamas alone. also, i don't know why i bring up the kardashians so much.)

moving along, the second thing you need to know is that the cheaper, the better. my most comfy pajama pants were five dollars at walmart and have cupcakes all over them. there is nothing better than a saturday morning spent in those bad boys.

next, when it comes to pajama pants, there is no such thing as excess. live a little people! when you spot a pair on sale, snag 'em up! i like to keep my pj pants in rotation to help them last longer. and when one pair gets too dingy and starts to loose it's soft fleece quality, toss em. these aren't seven jeans we're talking about, they're pajama pants, so go nuts!

my last and final note on this subject: you might be the kinda gal who prefers sweats or yoga pants because they look less ridiculous. i hear ya, i really do. but ladies, pajama pants are something that we all deserve to enjoy -- like tampons and dry shampoo -- they are part of our rights as women.

and with that, my work here is done. oh! and my favorite pajamas come from old navy (cuter patterns) and walmart. i've also been known to wear my pajama pants with my pink fleece bathrobe for an extra stylish look. oh and don't forget fuzzy socks. and now you know.

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