on saturday me and my dear, trendy friend mackenzie did seattle up. and we did it in all the best ways. let me tell you. we started the day out with coffee at stumptown -- amazeballs, neither of us had ever been. and we both ooh and ahhed over the cuteness of the business cards and the mugs because sometimes those kinds of things are really impressive, okay?
next, we hit mod pizza. it's my fave and i had to introduce kenzie to the dillion james. it's a revelation. throw some delicious diet cokes on there and you've got yourself a meal. 

for most of the day we were walking what felt like the entire city.  my calves and ass are feeling it as i type this. we figured we probably walked eight to ten miles round trip, but that was a guess made by me and i am notorious for overestimating these things for sake of a better story and to impress people, you know?
so we walked around capitol for a bajillion miles and then walked down to pike place.

downtown, i bought a pair of pants from old navy. trouble with this is that i gave up the purchase of tangible items for lent (how stupid, i know.) but then i was like, "you're gonna wear these all the time so it's okay!" 
so then we walked down to beecher's where i had my first cup of mac and cheese. which turned out to be my personal heaven. 

and then back up to old navy because i had to return my pants...i had one moment of weakness but i came through, people! i came through! 

and then after a good carb refueling it was back up to capitol hill for another coffee shop until dinner (yes, eating is important to us, okay?)

we finished the night at this little thai restaurant where i ordered pad thai because i can't seem to break this predictable thai food ordering pattern. help?! what else do i need to try at thai places, people?
we had a ball, though. it's the best exploring with no time frame and just chatting away. oh, and sweating. it was a semi-warm day in seattle and i was all kinds of steamy from that walking, i tell ya. 

thanks for the fun, kenz! (and thanks for letting me steal a bunch of these pictures off your camera!)

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