you guys, i know this may sound cocky but i'm pretty good at being a brad church girlfriend. yes, i'm bossy, a worrying maniac, and a big fat brat, but other than that i'd say i do a pretty good job. this past weekend was me on my brad church a-game, people. i really shelled it out for the guy. we were celebrating his birthday weekend early and so i was on my best behavior. there are two ways to the heart of a brad church: one -- wrestling (the sport, you pervs) and two -- food catered to his specifications. so on his birthday weekend we were able to magically combine both of these things and viola! best girlfriend right here (*raises hand*)

&. i really cooked up a storm. and it was kind of the best because i had forgotten that i even like to do so? pizza, taco soup, banana cream pie, and cookies all brought to brad church by the fabulous, and oh so domestic, jenna kincaid. ps. i must tell you all how to make my signature pizza because i could tell when i posted this that you were all dying know. it's like i can tell the future, ay?

&. i also vined a lot this weekend because brooke made me remember why i loved vine in the first place. if you're not on vine -- get your ass on vine! this is cutting edge social media, people! plus, don't you want to see my artistic videos of me pulling things out of the oven or just my feet on walk?

&. brad was wrestling/coaching in a tournament this weekend so i put on my manager hat (that's figurative,  but i'm sure i have a pullman high school wrestling hat somewhere?) and went to support my man. and oh, what a walk down memory lane! but this time there were....little guys! yes! five year old wrestlers that make you give serious consideration to snatchin one or two of em up! kidding, kidding. but there was a little tan boy with a dyed red mohawk that won me over completely. and they all hug after their matches and it's just so super cute. oh, and brad won his match too! and it just felt like i was fifteen all over again. and as i write this i'm texting brad telling him that he should teach me how to wrestle because maybe i'd be good at it?...as if you didn't think i was ridiculous enough.

&. after wrestling we stopped by the mount vernon cafe for a milk shake and a diet coke, so brad could gain back all of the calories he burned off and so that i could fuel my developing addition. but really, do they put nicotine in diet coke? because it's been giving me the same satisfaction that i imagine cigarettes give a smoker. and i need to stop, really. because i already have too many food vices as it is.

&. i even exercised with brad for his birthday weekend of fun. i made it a whole twenty minutes side ache free which is pretty much ground breaking in jenna kincaid territory.

&. and of course we ended the whole weekend with a paul rudd movie and heaping portions of pie. because #yoloswag. <---- oh, this is my favorite hashtag and i love to hashtag when it is completely ridiculous, like in a blog post. i'm such a bamf.


  1. paul rudd...swoon. also WHAT THE HECK they really are twins! holy poop.

    1. are you talking about him and jeff? because really it IS sometimes uncanny.

  2. Sounds like a really productive weekend! Wish I was there to taste some of your cooking ;) 20 minutes of working out is better than I could ever do! And anything will Paul Rudd is the best.


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