you guys remember middle school, right? ah, my glory days. i lurved middle school. everyone wore sports bras, messy buns, and aeropostale graphic tees. those really were the days. i remember feeling pretty awesome in middle school about life. i was blossoming socially with my friends that i hadn't gone to elementary school with and i was learning all about how to lure boys to the yard with my acne and nike shocks (middle school was the time for jeans and tennis shoes, nike shocks preferably.) i had a couple middle school relationships that were pre-ty serious. we talked strictly on instant messager only, and avoided all contact at school (except for when it was the last day before christmas break and you gave them their gift from you. which in my case was always pam's hot fudge and my school picture?)  and school was like one giant hang out session with your best friends -- so to those of you tell me that college is the best time of my life, you obviously didn't go to middle school.

anyways, i was forced to reflect on my middle school days when i accompanied brad to a junior high wrestling match to watch him coach. i thought,"oh! this will be fun!" i figured that if middle schoolers were still as awesome as my generation was then it would be a nice walk down memory lane. nope. my worst effing nightmare was what that turned out to be. have you seen and heard the middle schoolers of today? oh my good gravy. they are effing nuts, i tell you. i even heard one boy yell "tampon! tampon! this girl needs a tampon!" what? boy, you need to tone it down. later, while the match going the whole ymca after school group surrounded me. so that was fun. i got to listen to one boy yell, "get up! get up! get up!" right in my ear too, so that whole experience shaped up to be real treat.

in another wrestling event this weekend (i'm really getting my fill of the sport), i asked three high school boys if they still bought now cd's. to which they responded, we've never really bought cd's. what? i then proceded to hold up my now 16 cd and said, "boys, look at this vintage gem." they were not impressed and did not think i was cool. haters. but really, i'm pretty stuck on the fact that these kids haven't bought a cd. like, really? and i was even more appalled when they told me they just download it. "ilegalllyyyy?" i asked, most incredulous. "yes," they responded. so then i decided i need to sit the youth of today down and tell them about the early 2000's and all the shiz that went on. like, do they even know about boy meets world?

so, in conclusion, these kids need to be informed. this, is a public service announcement to all of you nineties babies: go out and set the youth of today straight. and make sure to tell them that there was once a world where brad pitt and jennifer anniston were happily married and where you spent most of your saturdays changing up your myspace page. because, kids these days, they need to know.

and then you might as well set up an ira account and learn about tax policy because it's all grown-up-fist-shaking from there.

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