well folks, i've made it through yet another quarter of college without dropping out. and more importantly, i've made it through another quarter of college getting by with the least amount of school work and large amounts of pinterest. it's an artful ratio that takes a lot of practice, but with a little bit of cramming before exams, a few dashes of paying attention in class (just a few, that's crucial), and a large portion of lazy, you too can be a bare-minimum-college-student!

anyways, when a new quarter comes and when spring is on it's way, i'm bound to start itching to change some things up. mainly this time i want to focus on finding inspiration and feeling inspired in some way everyday. i just need to, you know?

baking + cooking. my baking business and hobby has been seriously put on the back burner this year. i just can't seem to find the time, suddenly butter seemed really expensive when i wasn't at the store buying it with my mom, and i have been left relatively uninspired. but i will find my niche again! you can expect to see a week long series of baked goods up here soon to encourage my need to get back on the horse. and to encourage this i picked up the bon appetit desserts book at a used book store for ten dollars! 

writing. i have often wondered what would happen if i started writing essays or short stories. maybe not for anyone to see but just to see what it would inspire in me. and i used to dream of being a writer as a child. i always thought that i could be a modern day laura ingals wilder and discuss my farm upbringing in a truly glamourous fashion. and then i realized that no one would ever buy that book. maybe not even my mom. but i'll give it a go? maybe i'll write my ideas down on napkins from somewhere unexpected like subway, in hopes that it will channel my inner j.k. rowling? i'm going to give this journal thing a shot and see what happens...

reading. i need to read more often. i go through phases. what are hot reads right now? anyone? i had this idea to curate a list of all of the most famous american literature and read them, because you know, when you start to get inspired to start to think of the most utterly cliche ideas. and then i remembered that i'm more the type to consider twilight as an important candidate for a literary canon. i have never read catcher in the rye, so i picked that up at the book store too because i'm making an effort, you see? but mainly i couldn't find diane keaton's book...

so, there it is. maybe i will follow up? or maybe i will forget all about this list and decide to watch all the episodes of sex and the city over again instead. it could really go either way.

what gets you inspired? or at least, who is your favorite SATC character?

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  1. I wanted to be a writer too.. and then i realized that i hadn't lived enough, no interesting things had ever happened to me... i unfortunately had a wonderfully normal life.

    I'm sure you'll get to baking again.. i feeling hungry just thinking about baked goods.. mmm


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