have you been wondering what i have been up to? no? i figured you hadn't been but i like to think that when i leave this blog for a few days people's reactions are similar to the stock market crash of 1929...or at least when we all found out that miley cut her hair?

anyways, here's what i have been in up to. in blocked points, of course.

 the people who live in the room above my room at our apartment complex have been expressing themselves extra lately. and by that, i mean they have been doing what can only be heard as "the dirty." it is the most appalling and shockingly loud and aggressive thing i have ever heard. and you wanna know what? the other day, it woke me up at six a.m. i'm like, ya'll need to rest. and for the love of lady gaga girl, get a temperpedic or something so i don't have to hear your box spring violently squeaking above me....too descriptive?

i learned this week that i am entirely not cut out for academia. i literally treat myself to a piece of cake or like five samoas or a two-percent milk hot chocolate every time i finish two full hours of studying  because i'm w i l d, guys and because i earned it, you know?

i started writing down ideas for tweets in my notes of my phone. so...

have you guys heard how effing bomb-ass, amazeballs miguel is? i listen to "adorn" on average six times a day. i never thought i would feel this way again after usher and alicia keys' "my boo," but life will surprise you when you are least expecting it...naturally, with a hispanic r&b singer.

and on that note, i'm off. because miguel is the final word. always.
and maybe for my next post i will try not to be entirely pointless and ridiculous?


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