my roommate was telling me that she was compiling her bucket list, and i thought huh, that's interesting. it got me kind of thinking about my own bucket list and then i got stressed out, you know? how am i supposed to form a list about what i must do, when my tastes are always changing? i mean, what if in my late forties i have a spontaneous change of heart and decide that i like roller coasters and i must ride all of the largest, most exhilarating roller coasters in world. or what if i end up having some obscure family structure and tlc decides to do a show on my life? you know, legitimate kinds of issues when discussing your future "must-do's." also, my list would be really lame and filled with mostly food related things that are pretty attainable on a day-to-day basis. like, "go to yogurt land and spend twenty dollars on one bowl." that kind of thing.

so, needless to say, i have decided i will not make a bucket list. but i will make an anti-bucket list of all the things i don't want to do before i die. because bucket lists are sooo mainstream (in my best pretentious voice.)

--- i do not want to ever be complacent. i want to always be striving for something, even if that means working out my best paula deen impression.

---i do not want to ever become overly materialistic or money-obsessed. i just want to be able to buy the nice cheese and frivolously spend on nail polish, craft supplies, and chipotle.

---i do not want to ever get a tattoo. not that i don't think they are totally awesome on most people because i do, really. but i am really just the most ridiculous canvas for a tattoo and i would look just so loser-y and poser-ish. (fun fact! i did for a brief stint want a tattoo of a wind turbine because i love them.)

---i do not want to ever have a cat. that explains itself.

---i do not want to ever get out of touch with my farm girl roots. balls, that was lame sounding. but what's that saying? you can take the girl out of the honky tonk but you can't take the honky tonk out of the girl? "honky tonk" seems like a very unfitting word for a girl who literally cringes at certain luke brian songs but you get what i'm saying.

---and last but not least, i do not want to ever see the new les miserables. i can't. i just can't. that song haunts my nightmares and anne hathaway does too.

also, i'm tagging mackenzie to do this because i'm forcing her to blog more. oh, and brooke if you read this, i'm tagging you too. just for kicks you guys.

what's on your opposite bucket list?


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