so today was a good day. you know, those days where life is really just handing you lemonade? (this meaning, of course, that it's handing you the lemonade already made, not the lemons to make the lemonade. see?) so yes, it was just an all around jim-dandy kinda day. i met with a wedding planner in the area to discuss my, ahem, baking business. did that sound legit? you put a cute logo and business license on anything, and bam! entrepreneur you are. also, that was a humble brag? so that i could talk about my, ahem, baking business?....please keep reading?

and the day continued to get better as i scored some people to help with their designs/logos of all kinds of shiz. i'm a building a portfolio, you see. that wasn't intended to be humble either, that was just a brag. but it really should have been more humble because i'm just barely qualified for this kind of thing. but like i always say, put on your danskos and power through! i don't ever actually say that. and yes, i own danskos...black patent, of course.

and then the internship i was dying to get, called and told me i had got the job! brag, brag, b r a g. shameless about this one, you guys. i wanted that thing b a d. and i got it! woo hoo! *high fives self, loses all friends from severe annoyance*

so, of course, to celebrate i took myself and a gaggle of two gals to menchis, as one does. i then told 
gal-kaitlin to snap some shots of me on this beautiful day of fortuitous events. of course we snapped some in front of my jeep. the jeep is my guiding light for all things profound and good in the world. did that even make sense? but i do really love this car. it has served me good. and i secretly love the alliteration when it is referred to as "jenna's jeep," if i'm being honest here. 

oh! and happy earth day! i didn't recycle that yogurt cup i'm holding because i was too lazy to drive around to the pile of recycled cups? so mother nature has it coming for me, i'm sure. and even double since i live in the most hippie/environmentally conscious town in washington. for the written record, mother nature: i am wearing birkenstocks as i type this, so that should count for something? it's more of a stereotyped symbol i suppose? pay no mind. 

and bam! the best monday full of brags, brags, and more brags.  

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  1. Congrats on the internship, lady! Can't wait to hear about it!


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