yesterday, after walking to starbucks with my easter outfit on to say to the world, "look at me celebrating this holiday with patterned pants and leopard print flats to distract from the resee's eggs i put back this morning" i changed and set out on a walk about seattle with my easter bunny (puke, sorry. i felt compelled.) it was such a great day though, i tell ya. the sun was out and there was so much to be done! here are the deets...
i just really enjoy this sign on top of the qfc in wallingford. 
this giant house cartoon is super stoked about eating me?
i have been on a mission to find julia child's mastering the art of french cooking at a used book store. one, because i'm cheap and that bad boy is like forty dollars new and two, i have now built up finding it in a book store up so much that i won't drop it. it's so cliche and ridiculous. so here we are walking down to see if we could find it in fremont. no bananas. but we did find old eighties playboy magazines and man, have the times changed. 
a cute teal car. just because?
we also had some bomb-balls food in fremont at 9 million unmarked bills. truffle parmesan fries and prosciutto and arugula pizza. i was dying for coconut cream pie and we walked to the pie shop and closed. don't worry i had a cupcake today and a whole chocolate bunny so i will be alright. close one though. 

hope your easter was so hoppy! all holidays must end with an overused holiday phrase.   

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