yesterday, i realized that it's kind of ridiculous that i am still using hotmail. because, really? who is still on hotmail? our story starts here.

when i was in fifth grade, my babysitter and i created my very first email. hotmail was the natural choice in 2004 and i was thrilled to be making my way into the internet. i explained to my babysitter that i wanted to make my email something i could have for a long time and one that was "adult." so we decided on jkincaid underscore 5353. the 5353 was the last four digets of my best friend's land line phone number. when my sitter asked for a number i would easily remember, that seemed to be the most obvious choice? so while the rest of my peers had emails like iheartbasketball10 or 2cute4youboyz, i was thinking ahead.

so here i am nine years later, confused as to why all of the sudden my very "adult" email now reflects where i stand in the technological revolution. i made it professional and resume ready for a reason! and now i'm being punished and criticized for being a responsible fifth grader! dramatic? you decide.

my next point: my whole social beginnings are in those archives. i have conversations from middle school boyfriends, my softball teammates, my best friends, the whole shebang, you guys. i understand that those files won't simply disappear, but hotmail has been so good to me -- how can i turn my back on it now?

but yesterday, i did turn my back. i decided to take the plunge and conform with the rest. gmail would now be my primary email provider. i was immediately peeved when jennakincaid was taken and i had to add my middle initial. but i did it. i got the damn thing. and then it was just frustration after frustration  with trying to make my hotmail forward, blah, blah, blah...so i simply threw my hands up, and told gmail to shove it! hotmail and i are not finished with our blissful life together. we still have an inbox to fill and orange julius mail to delete (seriously, why the hell do i get orange julius emails?)

so there it is.

my name is jenna kincaid and i use hotmail for my email service provider. proud since 2004.


  1. i love this, haha! i have tried all email providers from hotmail to gmail to yahoo, and hotmail is one of my favorite. however, i'm not nearly as strong as you and have conformed to gmail. kudos to you :)

    casey x

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